Apple tree is the fruit tree "par excellence". The history of the apple quickly merges with the cider, which appeared long before our era.

The trade of cider began in the early 16th century. This tendency was reinforced by the arrival of phylloxera, which destroyed all the vineyards of Burgundy and Champagne, which resulted in an increase in the price of cider by 3.
The early twentieth century was marked by exporting a large volume of apples from the Pays d'Othe, mainly to Germany. The record of cider production is reached in 1925 with 31 million liters. Production started declining after the World War II.

In the early 80's, a small group of producers seeking to boost production by a diversification of their grain farm operation.

A union of producers established in 1985 in Aube, then another in 1990 in Yonne. A inter departemental federation finally appeared, to revitalize the sector.

The draft COA is retained to keep the typicity, particularly in the manufacturing process of the local cider from the Pays d'Othe. The request for COA is finally made ​​in 2000. The investigation is ongoing and seems very promising. An application is also committed to ratafia cider from the Pays d'Othe.

The producers of cider from the Pays d'Othe will be happy to make you taste their products. Several museums are dedicated to the history and manufacturing of this specialty of the Pays d'Othe.

Pays d'Othe Cider will wriggle your taste buds. Fruity and tangy, the cider is made from a dozen varieties of apples as Avrolles, flat nose, or the cat's nose, which are shredded and pressed. Being withdrawn from the tank and chestnut barrels, the juice is fermented for several months.

Cidre : Les Robins Saint-Mards-en-Othe

Visit on Saturday or by appointment


Sale in the property: cider of the Country of Othe, apple juice and cider vinegar.

Visit on Saturday or by appointment



Christophe Duminil Pâlis


Discover our various ciders, sweet or rough, the flavor of a real apple juice, our cider vinegar and the fantasy of a ratafia at the cocktail hour. Our farm products are natural, without added sugar or food preservatives and from traditional high-stem orchards maintained without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Visit us on the farm for a free tasting!

Héritage 1900 Pâlis


Different vintages Cider, all disgorged on the fly, bite and gagged: Cuvee Traditional Silver Medal 2009, vintage "Apple C", selected by the magazine "Star" (June 2009) for its originality, the amazing Cuvee "Torridwith 3% fresh ginger. Ratafia, apple juice, cider vinegar and candied apple cider, apple Madness. Sales at the property, free tasting.


La Ferme des Charmes Champcharme - Maraye-en-Othe
museum visit € 2.50, the visit of Farm € 2 or the two visits € 3.
Parking for coach and cars. Toilet.


Specializing in the production of cider, apple juice, ratafia, jams and jellies. The “Ferme des Charmes” welcomes you for a tour of the farm, have a look on the Peasant Museum, and tast and discover the farm products.

SCEA Domaine la Charloise Boeurs-en-Othe


Welcome at Florence, Philippe and Vivien Charlois farm’s. Cider, ratafia, pure apple juice and apple brandy producers. Apple and Mirabelle picking. The “Champion Farm” is located in the heart of the Pays d'Othe, and it recalls activities of the former Country of Othe with its museum.

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