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Welcome to the Pays d'Othe !


Welcome to the Pays d'Othe!
The Pays d’Othe is a region of wooded hills that is part of the Paris Basin.
Administratively divided between the departments of Aube and Yonne, the Pays d’Othe is a region in the original aspect that stands between the Chalky Champagne and Humid Champagne.
"Othe" means group of trees in Ligurian language, the Pays d'Othe is aptly named, a great forest covering more than half of the territory.

In addition to these geographical and geological aspects, our region has a rich heritage, thanks to its fruity and tangy cider, its history, religious monuments, picturesque and flowery villages , making it an important center of tourism in Aube.
Nature or culture ... hiking, visits, tastings, discoveries are waiting for you!


Binking in Pays d'Othe

Accomodations and Restaurants

Accomodation and restaurants in Pays d'Othe

Flavours Tasting

Flavours Tasting


Office de Tourisme du Pays d'Othe et de la Vallée de la Vanne 

21 rue des Vannes

10160 Aix en Othe 

+ 33 (0)3 25 80 81 71

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Carte Othe - Armance en Champagne

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